Using Computer for Learning English

Koji Sugimoto

5 August 2004



It is common knowledge that a computer is a very convenient tool. Computers can do everything. However, a lot of people don’t use it to study. They usually use outdated technology such as notebook and pen. This report tells you how useful it is to use computer to study English.


Practical use

First, you can write English text very fast and beautifully. If you want write a character, you just one touch a key. Moreover, every body can read the beautiful writing. In addition you can change the shape of the letter any time.

Secondly, you can edit the text unlimitedly. You can copy, delete, insert, divide, etc.. You don’t need an eraser any more. Especially, you can find a word in your text easily. If you find an unknown word, you can check the dictionary in less than 0.5 second. Furthermore, some text editors (ex. MS word) are able to check word spelling automatically. This is guaranteed to find your spelling mistakes.

Also the computer is good for listening training. You don’t need to rewind the tape. You can seek sound on a visual graph with the mouse. And, playing the sounds flexible, for examples repeat, slow play, pause, etc.

Finally, you can keep the files easily and you can find the text much faster than a notebook.


However, we can’t use computer in classroom. Unfortunately, it is still unusual to study English this way.



Although a computer helps your studies and you can improve well, people haven’t realized it yet. Why are you using outdated technology? Few years ago, people used paper dictionaries, but today, a lot of people use electronic dictionaries. Like this.

A computer isn’t cheap. And there are some problems with using it in a classroom (ex. software, network facility, noise, battery…).

However I am convinced that in the near future people are going to use computers for their studies. And I hope that.